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Gary Habicht, President: gary@printingspecialist.com
Scott Buswell, V.P. Sales: scott@printingspecialist.com
Lynda Kroh, Sales: lynda@printingspecialist.com
Joseph Kroh, Production: joe@printingspecialist.com
Justin Habicht, Production/Estimating: justin@printingspecialist.com
Marie Ryder, CSR/Office Manager: marie@printingspecialist.com
Sean Ector, Prepress Manager: sean@printingspecialist.com
Denise Rubeling, CSR/Accounting: denise@printingspecialist.com
Michelle Archibald, CSR/Accounting: michelle@printingspecialist.com
Kevin Majoros, Controller: kevin@printingspecialist.com
Graphics: graphics@printingspecialist.com

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Our People and the Environment

Printing Specialist has always been committed to its employees and their work environment. Employees are our most valuable asset, so we take care of them by providing full healthcare, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, a 401K plan, profit sharing, and flexible work hours. As a result, we have happy, long-term, dedicated people, who truly care about the work they do for you. These days, "earth friendly" and "being green" are the latest buzz words. That's nothing new for us...at Printing Specialist, we have been doing those things for decades. Our pressroom has been using soy inks for over 20 years. We have recycled all of our paper and plates for so long, that we can't document when we started. Our paper is sorted by grade as it is used, and picked up bi-weekly by the recyclers. Our graphics department had always recycled film in the 80s & 90s, and now we use laser imaged chemistry-free plates exclusively. Almost all of the paper we use has some type of recycled content and is from certified sources. Even one of our company vehicles is a Hybrid. We are longtime members of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, and the Maryland Green Registry.

We are both SFI® Certified and FSC® Certified [FSC® C103525]

Ecology isn't just the latest fad at Printing Specialist, it's our way of life!